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Franchise Opportunity

Premier Breathing Disorder Franchise Opportunity

We are excited about your interest to become a franchisee, and become part of our mission to bring the most innovative and cutting edge personalized management and treatment of breathing.

When we opened our first location in Palm Desert, California in 2015, our goal was to be a driving force and an innovator in the breathing disorder treatment business. Since then, we’ve revolutionized the industry, developing proprietary procedures and services such as our combination ozone, light and bioregulatory treatment therapies. Through working with our team of licensed professionals, we strive to serve the growing market of those seeking to breathe better, sleep better and live healthier lives.

About the BreatheStim Brand

Dr. Blair Bittner the Chief Scientific and Medical Officer of StimCore and BreatheStim has revolutionized comprehensive and personalized breathing disorder management and treatment. Since opening our first Los Angeles area location in 2105, BreatheStim has been at the forefront in developing and utilizing the most cutting-edge technologies, products, and procedures to ensure that our clientele receive the best possible care and treatment. These services, such as our proprietary SinuStim, TonqueStim, ArchStim and OMF Stim, provide our clients with the best possible treatment options on their journey to healthy breathing.

At BreatheStim, we combine the worlds of medical practice, comprehensive training and support with breakthrough technology advancements to offer a unique melding of services to address a variety of breathing disorder recovery needs. Through our relationships with our team of doctors, industry experts, and trained staff, in conjunction with our state-of-the-art equipment, BreatheStim franchisees are able to provide their clients with the highest quality of service in a comfortable and supportive environment.

Our centers are beautifully designed, fitted and organized. Each center must operate under the direct supervision of a physician. In some situations the franchisee themselves will be that Supervising Physician, however that is not a requirement as franchisees can bring in independent physicians to serve in that role. We can assist non-physician franchisees locate the professionals they will need in order to operate a BreatheStim franchise center.

Why Become a franchisee with BreatheStim?

Thinking of partnering with us? As part of the BreatheStim team, we can offer you:

  • Join the leaders in the personalized breathing disorder treatment with over 10 years experience.
  • Cutting-edge technologies, products, and procedures
  • Highly personalized and customized therapy program and treatments
  • Holistic rejuvenation through electroceuticals, nutraceuticals, light, biolelectric, bioregulatory and ozone therapies to optimize your breathing and total health.
  • Luxurious centers in premier locations and we will provide sample architectural drawings, detailed construction plan including standards for layout and decor
  • Training by some of the top breathing disorder treatment experts and physicians in the world.
  • A comprehensive training program that will provide you with all the necessary tools to open and operate your BreatheStim franchise clinic
  • Marketing assistance from our marketing and PR team to create cohesive and effective campaigns, and a robust social media presence and media exposure
  • Over a decade of experience and hands-on learning operating multiple BreatheStim locations, so we can help you avoid the pitfalls and common problems that can keep you from being as successful as you should be.

Join a Wellness Franchise

As the BreatheStim brand continues to grow on a national level, we’re looking for successful business owners to become a franchisee – people who are high energy, enthusiastic self-starters who are eager to build relationships in their community through a high end, specialized line of products and services. We look forward to working with franchisees who share our passion for bringing these cutting edge methods to the world.

If you’d like to learn more about the process of becoming a BreatheStim franchisee, complete our Request for Consideration Form here. Once we receive your information form, we’ll contact you to discuss the opportunities available to you.

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