sleep apnea & breathing disorders


Designed and intended to deliver 2/3rds FASTER RESULTS than any other treatment option.
70% reduction of pain and discomfort associated with expansion, re-alignment and tissue tightening.
Designed to REDUCE BY MORE THAN 2/3RDS THE TIME device based arch expansion, mandibular advancement and re-alignment + tissue tightening that clears obstruction of breathing airways.

No Other Sleep Apnea Treatment Comes Close

Designed to

  • Loosen bone on demand temporarily as needed for faster re-alignment.
  • Tighten tissues and muscle – reduces obstructions.
  • Reduce oversized tongue size freeing up breathing.
  • Reduce tonsil size free up breathing.
  • Open up sinuses improving breathing.
  • After re-alignment freezes position with stability via bone hardening and building to avoid re-lapse.
  • Dramatically reduce pain and discomfort associated with arch expansion and re-alignment.
  • 2/3rds faster than other therapies.
  • Be applicable to 100% of sleep apnea patients compared to only 15% with competitive systems.

BreatheStim is the only provider that strives to address ALL the underlying causes of breathing disorders

BreatheStim has developed the most comprehensive and complete solution to sleep apnea and breathing disorders with a combination product based on bioelectric controlled protein expression, re-alignment devices and biologics.